Mareea Paterson;Boy Sees Light


Jocelen Janon   Fish To Live


Peter Denniston;The Rat Cage

Suresh C Patel;Thanks For Coming

Sandrina Huish;Forgotten

Joanna Morrison   Saturday Morning Brekkie In Bed
Xiaoxiao Liu   The Lost Strand
Jia Hu   Brotherhood in Peaceful Place
Ange Taft   A Winter's Run
A Greenfield; Puddle Jumping
Amanda Yang; Uni Prison
Chris Gin; Night Life
Chulseung Lee; High Kick
C Schmidt; The Terrible TWINS
Debbie Carthew; Untitled
Lachezar Karadzhov   At the ASB Theatre
EmmaHughes; Leap
Florian Le Bail   Woodboy's House
Jane Scorey; Restoring The Monaro
Janet Currie; Sylvia Park
Jeff Hewson; Couch Fishing
Jonathon Yu; Drawn To The Light
L Cooper; Another Grey Wet Day
Linh Tran; La coste not Low cost
Nykie Grove Eades; Angel Spits Down Drain
Nykie Grove Eades; Splatter Kick
Lindsay Pratt   Contented
P Homan; Otara
Julie Freeman; Retail Therapy
R Mills; Dutch Heritage

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